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The Future is Frictionless

We hosted a product-focused virtual event catered to brands looking for next-gen solutions that remove friction and enable more personalized consumer experiences.

What you’ll get access to:

  • Exclusive insights on consumer trends and expectations
  • Ways to enhance in-store and curbside pickup programs using location technology to drive operational efficiency, order frequency, and customer loyalty
  • Effective strategies for developing and executing surprise and delight moments that value the connected consumer in today’s world

Location Data

The definitive guide

Learn how location technology works, the valuable data it generates, and where is can be applied.

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Mobile Viewability

Visual breakdown

A complex problem explained simply. Understand what “viewability” means and how to solve for it here.

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What is Location 2.0?

Understanding physical world data

Learn how to harness the power of always-on location data for your mobile marketing and advertising campaigns.

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