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Customer Journey eBook - Infillion

Customer Journey Research Report

Unlock the Future of Consumer Behavior

In a world where consumer habits constantly evolve, staying ahead of the curve is essential. The Infillion Customer Journey Research Report offers a deep dive into the 21st-century consumer landscape, providing the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions to drive your brand’s success.

What’s inside:

  • Evolving Marketing Models: Learn how traditional marketing funnels are history and why constant consideration is the new norm.
  • Tasks, Touchpoints, and Triggers: Explore the significance of touchpoints along the customer journey and how device preferences influence consumer behavior.
  • Trends of Note: Dive into the trends of savvy truth seekers, community consumerism, and multitasking behaviors that are shaping consumer decisions.
  • Deep Dive: Must-See TV: Explore the role of television in the modern consumer’s media consumption habits.
  • Infillion Actionable Insights: Discover key takeaways and suggested actions to optimize your marketing strategies.

Get the Infillion Customer Journey Research Report today and unlock the future of consumer behavior!

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