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Turning Location Data into Value-Exchange Experiences

Turning Location Data into Value-Exchange Experiences

Best Practices and Strategies

In this eBook on location technology and marketing, we share tips and strategies that brands can use to create outstanding customer experiences while making the most out of the different location permissions, including:

  • Easy to understand explanations of location technology and permissions
  • Real world examples of how brands utilize location data and permissions to inspire loyalty and engagement
  • Tips on how to encourage app users to opt-in to location data sharing

Location Data

The definitive guide

Learn how location technology works, the valuable data it generates, and where is can be applied.

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Mobile Viewability

Visual breakdown

A complex problem explained simply. Understand what “viewability” means and how to solve for it here.

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What is Location 2.0?

Understanding physical world data

Learn how to harness the power of always-on location data for your mobile marketing and advertising campaigns.

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