Brand lift measurement

Measure impact and optimize instantly

UpLift is a single metric that captures the full-funnel brand impact of a campaign. The result is real-time feedback that can be applied to your TrueX campaigns for immediate optimization.

Measure what works

Continuously determine relative brand funnel lift or impact over the course of your campaign.

Top to bottom

Understand how successful a campaigns is at driving lift through the entire marketing funnel.

Stack rank

Gauge how your campaign performs against others in our database to benchmark success.

Immediate insights

For brands and publishers

UpLift’s real-time brand lift measurement and optimization system was built to provide transparent and actionable results across desktop, mobile, and connected TV platforms.

No more after-the-fact insights. UpLift can assess both video and engagement advertising’s success in moving customers along the purchase funnel.


How it works

Single survey questions are surfaced through TrueX’s engagement ad platform. UpLift aggregates responses from control and exposed groups, transforms them on a 0-100 scale, and indexes them against the complete Infillion brand lift library.

Actionable insights

What gets measured gets managed

At the end of the day, you want your ads to work. Historically, proving the impact of your brand efforts has been difficult. Now, every TrueX campaign utilizes UpLift’s real-time insights to ensure your engagements are doing their part to drive consumers further down the decision-making funnel.

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