Opt-in Engagement Advertising

Guaranteed Attention, Crafted to Captivate

TrueX is the original CTV engagement platform that also works across all screens. TrueX allows consumers to choose their ad experience via the first value exchange product, guaranteed to drive results.

The result is a better experience for the viewer, reduced ad load for publishers, and 5x the brand impact for advertisers over standard video spots. 


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CTV meets attention

Target audiences that choose to interact with a TrueX engagement unit and ensure your ads are seen.

Award-winning creative

Choose from pre-built Blueprints™ or tap our Creative Studio and let your imagination run wild.

Value exchange

Trade interactions with your brand for the most desired commodity today: human attention.

Measure what works

Track your brand’s lift with in-unit questionnaires to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

More Than Display

Provide Choice to Make a Better Impression

Offering consumers a choice with their ad viewing experience tells them that you – the brand – respect their attention and recognize the value of their time.

Opt-in only

No more paying for impressions that run in the background. With TrueX, you only pay for attention.

Fewer & more relevant

Letting consumers choose reduces the number of ads they see before consuming their favorite content.


Increased share of voice

Replacing an entire ad pod means more exposure – and higher recall – for your brand’s efforts.

Happier viewers

Many consumers see TrueX engagements as a welcomed alternative to standard ads.

Attention Economy

What is Value Exchange?

As an advertiser, the thing we desire most is human attention. As consumers, our most valuable asset is our time.

TrueX engagement ads optimize for both groups by reducing the number of ads a consumer sees in exchange for their undivided attention.

Stop paying for impressions and start optimizing for engagements with your brands from the leading interactive group available.



Interactive Video Ads

Bring Your Brand To Life

The TrueX engagement ad container can showcase your brand in vivid color and depth.

Our unit is a blank creative canvas that can be filled with limitless possibilities for interactivity that captivates audiences, allowing advertisers the ability to capture the best form of quality attention.

Innovative ad types

Sponsored streams, sponsored ad breaks, metered content access, and more are available as popular ad types.

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Fast launch times

TrueX Blueprints™ help your brand launch interactive engagements in a fraction of the time. Browse the library to get started.

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Connect to CTV

Reach your ideal customer on cutting-edge mediums like connected TV, desktop, and mobile video players.

Share of voice

TrueX makes you the star. Replace an entire ad pod for more exposure and higher recall for your brand’s efforts.

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Featured Capabilities

Shoppable Video

One-click path to purchase that provides shoppers with a seamless way to add products directly to a retailer’s cart.

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Efficient Engagements

Fast turnaround times and guaranteed engagement for lower minimums without sacrificing quality creative or premium inventory.

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Brand Storytelling

Capture and earn consumer attention with long-form video that inspires, educates and entertains.                                   

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Custom Creative

Impact From First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So why waste it with boring, uninspired creative?

Put your brand voice to work by tapping Infillion’s award-winning in-house Creative Studio. Our specialists put their years of expertise to work for you by recommending best practices and co-creating some of the internet’s most coveted ads.

Move the Needle

Measure Brand Lift With UpLift

Every TrueX advertisers has their campaigns measured with UpLift, our brand lift measurement and optimization system. Uncover transparent and actionable insights across desktop, mobile, and connected TV platforms.

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Stop Advertising, Start Engaging

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Consumers expect more. Deliver engaging, interactive ads across formats in a way that respects their time, attention, and privacy. Launch your TrueX campaign today.