Cross-device identity graph

Rich identity, rigorous reach

Infillion XGraph is a prebuilt device graph optimized for maximum reach and addressability of today’s connected consumer. Enriched with the most precise location data signals and unique connected device identifiers, XGraph makes robust segments and attribution possible.


Built and enriched over years

XGraph is a superset of data, built from Gimbal’s proprietary location panel and TrueX’s access to unique CTV audiences. Precision location signals and >30% more CTV IDs than a standard digital graph make XGraph the largest, richest cross-device graph available for the open Internet.


Reach the right consumers at scale

The use of multiple devices daily has become the norm for consumers. As such, marketers are challenged with reaching consumers across all touchpoints for consistent messaging and a more personalized experience.

XGraph helps connect mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, and connected TV devices to individuals and households using a privacy-first framework.

Universal frequency capping

Fewer wasted impressions mean lower ad spend. Apply frequency capping at the user level, not just device level, for better efficiency and less repetitive or wasted ad spend.

Audience extension & lookalike modeling
Extend audience reach across devices and environments to enhance the efficiency and intelligence of campaigns, and find similar like-minded audiences based on their propensity to engage and convert.

Infillion uniquely scores each consumer’s consumption patterns and applies them as a baseline for prospecting new consumers that follow similar behaviors.

Advanced retargeting

Reach consumers on one device and retarget them on another to continue the consumer journey. 

For example, our mobile devices serve as a proxy for where we got in the physical world – but they aren’t the only screens we look at throughout the day. Retarget consumers who visit specific locations with ads on their laptops or connected TVs.

Connect your worlds

When reach and consistency matter, XGraph marks the spot

Higher reach and stronger match rates aren’t just vanity metrics. They enable better addressability, stronger behavioral audiences, and more thorough measurement solutions for accurate ROI.