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What Can Location Deliver?

  • In-depth understanding of consumer behavior
  • Personalized in-store experiences
  • Location-triggered push campaigns
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Increased loyalty 
  • Better customer experiences
  • Increased sales
  • Greater ROI on marketing spend
  • Better campaign performance

More apps trust Gimbal for location intelligence than any other Location SDK provider

as measured by total apps with the Gimbal SDK in MightySignal (2020)

Location SDK
Location SDK

Collect and process location data with the most battery-efficient, enterprise-grade location SDK in the market.

Location SDK

POI Database & Geofencing Software

Build your own radial and polygonal geofences or choose from our database of pre-built places and collect rich consumer data, like entry, exit, and dwell times.

POI Database & Geofencing Software

Push Marketing

Deliver location-triggered push campaigns to your app users to drive engagement in the moments that matter

Push Marketing

Enterprise-Grade Location SDK

Quick and easy to set up, our always-on SDK was the first to market and provides you with the tools to harness both active and passive location signals from your users with minimal battery usage

Security and quality are programmed into our DNA.

Our Location SDK was built within Qualcomm and has passed financial institution security and enterprise-grade stability requirements.

Place management

Geofences and places database

Engage and understand where you app users go in the physical world with Places of Interest (POI’s) you define.

Manually create your own radial or polygonal geofences, or choose from a library of pre-built, human-verified polygonal POI’s that include millions of locations for the top brands across industries and categories.

Interested in micro-location solutions? Learn more about our Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons.

Location-aware notifications

Bring your app to life

Push the boundaries of your app marketing strategies

Power personalized messages for your app users through targeted push campaigns based on location, time, and dwell triggers for engaging mobile experiences.

Using another push provider? We are integrated with a number of partners for seamless integration of our location data.

Insights & Analytics

Gain a rich understanding of your users, your locations, and the performance of your campaigns with dwell-based measurement capabilities. Insights include, but not limited to:

User Insights

  • Total Monthly Active Users
  • Location Opt-in Over Time
  • Bluetooth Opt-In Over Time
  • OS Platform Breakdown

Place Insights

  • Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Place Visit Trend
  • Most Visited Places (with/without dwell)
  • Monthly Visits for Premium Geofences
  • Competitor Place Visits
  • Top Beacon Visits

Push Campaign Performance

  • Highest Open Rate / campaign
  • Average Open Rate
  • Visitation Attribution Metrics

Location for all

Solutions for every vertical


Reclaim the in-store consumer experience by utilizing hyper targeted engagement capabilities through  context


Enable personalized ordering, decrease drive-thru times, and engage diners with offers in the moments that matter the most


Enable frictionless interactions with guests to streamline operations and improve the in-store experience


Drive foot-traffic to your banks, create upsell opportunities, and build omnichannel experiences to drive loyalty


Drive ticket and merch sales, promote sponsorships, and build engaging fan experiences in and out of the stadium

Success Stories

See how we’ve put the power of location to use for our customers

Turnkey integrations

Integrate location services with the leading martech providers, cross-platform app organizations, customer engagement platforms, and more.

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