Audiences & Targeting

Know Where. Know Who.

Combine your brand’s data with NeXt’s first-party location data. Identify individual consumers at specific locations based on the criteria you want like frequency, recency, and length of their visits.

Cross-Device Reach

Own the Entire Journey

Reach consumers across all devices and channels such as mobile, tablet, desktop, and connected TV for a seamless experience.

Rich Media Creative

Ads That Don’t Feel Like Ads

Bring your brand to life with engaging content built with innovative features that drive action – no matter your campaign objective.

Measurement & Reporting

Better Data, Better Results

Connect conversions across devices and channels for upper- and lower-funnel campaigns, and understand visitation with in-depth attribution and audience analytics reports.

Brand-Safe Supply

Boost performance and protect your brand

NeXt’s advertising platform is integrated with dozens of mobile and desktop exchanges for a daily observation pool of more than 100 billion cross-device signals.

We work with top-quality ad servers, tag managers, viewability partners, and more. Get the inventory you want that works best for your campaign and ensure quality with trusted and scored inventory.

Integrated Partners

Put the power of identity and location to work

Deliver more impact with the complete performance media package, designed from end-to-end.