Measure with precision

Real-world attribution

An attribution product that does more. Arrival brings together proprietary hardware and software to create the most detailed, data-rich view of consumer behavior after ad exposure.

This is attribution on steroids.

Arrival is offered on campaigns managed by Infillion, or as a standalone option with the media run on your platform of choice.

Whether you’re an agency running media in-house or have a preferred partner, our media-agnostic solution uncovers rich visitation insights and dwell-based metrics.

Always On

Understand your consumers’ entire journey, not just snapshots. Continuous data generation takes place in the background via our proprietary Location SDK.

Custom Locations

Customize your Point of Interest (POI) locations via Infillion’s proprietary geofence software to measure attribution for your advertising campaigns.

Dwell Time

How long someone stays is just as important as where they go. Filter out walk-bys or employees for more accurate visitation counts.

Optimize for Performance

Discover foot traffic patterns and map audiences who visit specific locations to discover which targeting works best and optimize accordingly.

Accurate data is paramount

Our measurement panel doesn’t use inconsistent bid stream data. It is derived from the same technology and processes our Gimbal Location Platform customers use to power their own enterprise applications.

Multi-touch solutions

Cross-device measurement

In-store attribution has long been a mobile-focused effort since smartphones are a proxy to where we go in the physical world.

XGraph identifies all unique IDs that belong to a household or individual for increased match rates and qualified place visits.

Gain a comprehensive view of what channels are most effective in driving your consumers to physical points of interest and increase performance with real-time campaign optimizations.

Let’s measure success, together

Ready to get started? Arrival is easy to launch and integrate into any of your new or existing media plans.