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Camera-based people counting

Monitor store occupancy while it happens

Built atop the Cisco Meraki camera infrastructure, Analytiks is a cloud-based traffic-counting solution that helps stores, shopping malls, stadiums, and entertainment venues understand the flow of people throughout their spaces.

Understand what is happening at your business’s locations in real-time with in-store POI, zone labeling, heat mapping, and more.

In-store measurement software

Upgrade Your Real-World Analytics

You know what’s happening on your website and in your app. It’s time to upgrade your in-store analytics.

Visitation metrics & alerting

Don’t just know. Act.

Get SMS- or email-based alerts any time a venue reaches a critical point by monitoring the real-time occupancy of all your locations.

Available metrics include:

  • ^Multi-entrance and exit detection
  • ^Real-time occupancy counts
  • ^Point of Interest / Zone labeling
  • ^Heat mapping
  • ^Web-based Portal
  • ^API Feeds
  • ^Free Wi-Fi Access via Cisco
  • ^CRM integration

Fully GDPR-compliant

Analyze without identifying via Cisco Meraki cameras

All of Analytiks’ people detection happens on the edge using the code generated by Meraki’s cameras. This means all of your video feeds stay on premise at your store, bank, or venue and never need to be streamed to the cloud or processed by additional devices.

No personal information (PII) is collected or facial recognition is used to generate visitation counts. Instead, a randomly-generated object ID and other metadata are sent as a lightweight payload for analysis and displayed on a web-based dashboard.

What can do for you?

Measure New & Returning Visitors

Measure the ratio of new versus returning visitors to your store/location.

Learn about your visitor trends to enhance store layouts, find deeper insights into your customer base, and tailor messaging.

Understand Visit Duration

Determine how long your visitors are in-store to better support staffing and scheduling.

Track Walk Bys

Analyze the potential foot traffic at your store’s location to leverage marketing messaging.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

Offer guest Wi-Fi to your visitors with custom login splash page experiences unique to your store.

Connect to Your BI Tools

Pipe your stores’ visitation data into your own business intelligence (BI) tools in real-time.

Compare store traffic to other internal data sets like POS, sales volume, staffing, active marketing campaigns, and more.

The most accurate people-counting solution on the market

Up to 99% accurate, as audited by third parties

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