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In the connected future, powerful value exchanges for consumer time and attention will be the key driver of engagement. Infillion has the only suite of products that seamlessly reach and engage customers across physical and digital worlds by understanding the value of each interaction.



Premium campaign planning

A full-funnel product that reaches customers along each step of their journey.

Premium video engagements

Engagement ads allow consumers to choose between a single interactive ad unit or multiple “traditional” videos

Performance-driven campaigns

Execute seamless, identity-based advertising campaigns across all devices and measure their impact.

Live sports network

Engage sports fans with high-impact brand experiences across a network of premier sports teams and venues

Shoppable experiences

One-click path to to purchase that provides shoppers with a seamless way to add products directly to a retailer’s cart

Engagement video advertising

Guaranteed engagement from consumers who interact with your brand on CTV, desktop, and mobile


Location intelligence platform

Put the power of place to work in your mobile apps to personalize experiences with real-world data

Curbside pickup software

Enable frictionless curbside pickup experiences through the power of location-aware apps

Proximity location signals

When precision location matters, brands use the most secure Bluetooth beacons on the market

Measurement & Data

In-Store Traffic Counting

Understand the behavior of your customers with in-store visitation technology that provides hyper-accurate store analytics for data-driven decisions.

Footfall attribution for ads

Understand the impact of your online advertising efforts in driving visitors to real-world locations. 

Audiences & segments

Reach the perfect audience using your 1st-party data, media consumption, store visits and more.

Brand lift measurement

Capture the full-funnel brand impact of a campaign and use to optimize TrueX campaigns in real-time.

Cross-device identity graph

Optimize campaigns for maximum reach and addressability using real-world data signals CTV identifiers.

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