Offer high-performing local advertising through a self-serve campaign manager

Since 2016, we’ve delivered thousands of targeted ad campaigns through the self-serve version of Next, our media platform powered by exclusive privacy-compliant location and behavioral data platform with over 150+ million active users.

Why Infillion

Tools to help your clients succeed

Data with reach

Tap into 150+ million monthly active users to power local ad campaigns at scale in a privacy-compliant way.

Reliable addressability

Target people on all of the devices they own. Identity resolution by XGraph gives advertisers access to over 1.3 billion connected devices.

Premium programmatic

Run campaigns on high-performing, brand-safe inventory from leading publishers, applications, and CTV platforms.

Location is everything

A decade of location-based advertising expertise coupled with the industry’s largest panel of deterministic location data.

Custom audience building

Physical-world and digital signals combine to build and measure the most precise cookieless audiences available in local advertising

Attribute success

Accurately measure in-store foot traffic based on ad exposure and dwell time.

Software with incredible service 

An extension of your team

Infillion powers digital audience extensions and data-driven ad products for local digital sales teams at television, radio, out-of-home, and other traditional media companies.

Infillion’s local data panel enables cookie-less advertising at scale across the open internet. Our integrated ad platform and managed service enables white-labeled programmatic advertising and attribution. With 1st-party data from over 150 million monthly active users and reach of over 1.3 billion devices on CTV, display, mobile, audio, video, social and native ad formats, NeXt is the premium ad solution in the market.

Infillion’s reseller solutions enables digital sellers, ad operations teams, and advertising product leaders to reach local audiences with the right message at the right time without large investments in data, systems, or people.

Why Infillion

Tools to help your clients succeed

High-impact ad formats

Run beautiful display, rich media, and engagement ad formats that make an impact and drive campaign performance

Verified store visits

Measure actual visits to physical locations, understand distance traveled, length of stay, and filter out employees and passersby

Flexible campaign reporting

Comprehensive reporting dashboards that can be integrated into your BI platform of choice with a wide variety of campaign metrics

Insights & analytics

Enable your sales teams with a new level of insight-driven expertise, campaign strategy, and insights to support key advertiser goals

Infillion Hub

Access to all the sales enablement and campaign management tools your sales teams needs to succeed from a central point

Software with incredible service

The only thing better than our software is our client success team. Decades of experience leads to quick answers and happy clients

Traditional, not obsolete

Bring your organization into the connected future

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Location data, audiences, media campaign execution, and attribution solutions needed to thrive in the fast-changing OOH market


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