MediaMath Joins Infillion's Portfolio

Our combined technology stacks provide advertisers with an end-to-end solution—from Infillion’s attention-guaranteed video ads and unique first-party data, to the uniquely customizable execution flawlessly delivered by MediaMath. Unlock a simplified, more sophisticated omnichannel approach to media buying.

Customizable Tech Stack

A Modular Approach to Reach Your Goals

Activate your campaigns through an omnichannel DSP that enables you to execute a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach your unique customers. Plug and play the tech stack that meets your needs.

Customizable Tech Stack
Optimized Execution

Optimized Execution

Simplify the Complexity of Programmatic

Achieve and optimize for your KPIs with the curated inventory of MediaMath Marketplaces and powerful AI-based performance models that dynamically allocate budget to the best strategies.

Complete Transparency

Understand Your Advertising Performance

Create more efficient campaigns with transparent media costs, log-level data transparency, and a higher percentage of working media dollars without any owned media bias.

Complete Transparency
Powerful Engagement

Unified Engagement

Scale Customer Engagement 

With MediaMath’s media buying platform in the Infillion portfolio, advertisers can now unlock a unified platform to expand their data-driven and attention-grabbing campaigns programmatically, and achieve end-to-end engagement at scale.

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