Connected Audiences

Reach the perfect audience, wherever they might be

TrueTargeting enables advertisers to reach people-based, cookieless audiences using our unique data sets or your own. Then, combine them with XGraph to reach exactly whom you want across platforms and device types.

Powerful Data Sets

Built on the richest data sets in the world, TrueTargeting reaches your ideal prospects across the open internet.

Performant Segments

Select from pre-built segments based on interests, buying intent, visitation, survey responses, and brand affinity.

Unmatched Reach

TrueTargeting scales instantly with XGraph to reach people on every device they use (over 865 million in the U.S. alone).

Infinite Possibilities

TrueTargeting works with the best creative formats, inventory sources, and media-buying platforms in the world.


Pre-built or custom. You decide.

Built atop Infillion’s exclusive data sources and trained for performance, TrueTargeting offers advertisers multiple ways to reach their ideal customer. With over 275 existing segments and custom audience-building functionality, TrueTargeting has multiple ways to guarantee campaign success.

Pre-built Segments

Fast, Flexible & Scalable

Elevate the consumer experience by reaching consumers where they spend their time, and deliver real human attention via technology that connects people, places, and digital experiences.

Audience Types for Every Objective


Reach consumers who have recently visited places that indicate they are in-market for specific products or services.


Find people who have visited specific categories of physical world locations in the past three to six months.

Predictive Visit

Feel confident serving ads to consumers who are most likely to visit a place in a category within the next 30 days.


Target consumers who respond “Yes” to a survey in a category, or have a high probability of belonging to a category.

Custom-built Segments

Bring Your Own Data

Onboard data and lists from your existing customer assets, such as CRM, CDP, email and loyalty lists, point-of-sale data, and more. Infillion delivers unique segments based on available data and expands your scale in 5-10 days.

Infillion Data

Unique sources. Better results.

Survey-based Insights

avg. survey completes per year (and growing)

streaming consumers in the United States

number of custom survey possibilities to choose

Go beyond viewing habits. Capture values, buying habits, and interests from survey-based streaming audiences while they are engaged with their favorite long-form content.

Access in-depth insight into user preferences, companions, and identity, surfaced through multiple devices for enhanced targeting and personalization across channels.


Know Where

Reach audiences based on where they’ve been, where they are now, or where they may be going next. Infillion’s proprietary geofencing software allows you to target based on how often people visit store locations and how long they stay.

monthly place events

U.S. points of interest

touchpoints in XGraph


Your Data

Reach your own custom audiences by mapping your 1st-party customer data to Infillion’s device graph to ensure your ads reach the right people with the right frequency across your entire omnichannel campaign.

Simply export key segments from your CRM, and  Infillion will expand hashed emails to all other IDs in XGraph for true cross-device targeting.

Audience Amplification

Expand Your Reach

Precision means nothing without scale.

Our cookieless solutions connect with your ideal audience, reach similar like-minded audiences, and retarget them with smart messaging everywhere – including mobile, desktop, CTV, and in venues. Can’t build what you want? Infillion is integrated with the most prominent data providers and can work with your partner of choice to layer any additional targeting.

Do More with Infillion

Reach Your Audience

Put Infillion’s advanced data to work for all of your connected media campaigns.