Unlock the power of location

Engage your fans

Live sports and entertainment are roaring back. Enable digital technologies for your attendees to enhance – and extend – their in-venue experience.

Get the ball rolling with strategies and insights

Fans come to expect experiences that are catered to them. How can sports teams understand fans’ context, preferences, and real-world movement to better service and build loyalty?

Here’s How

  • Drive revenue through in-stadium push messages around special offers (apparel, food/beverages).
  • Enhance customer experience by delivering fans’ in-app orders directly to their seat.
  • Track dwell times at ticket booths, concession stands, bathrooms, etc. to streamline logistics.
  • Extend partner messaging to fans as they walk by in-stadium ads on walls or other signage.
  • Uncover venue trends based on foot traffic.
  • Promote partner messaging beyond events and encourage fans to purchase products after they leave the venue.




More apps trust Gimbal for location intelligence than other Location SDK providers

as measured by total apps with the Gimbal SDK by MixRank in 2022

End-to-End Fan Experience

Whether you’re a team looking to build loyalty and engagement with fans or an advertiser or partner sponsor looking to drive store traffic and sales, it all starts with the fan experience.

Augment your omnichannel strategy by harnessing the power of always-on location data

Macro & Micro-Location

Only solution provider with built in-house software and hardware technology to measure visitation with precision – from stadium entrance down to the concession stand

Partner Integrations

Security & Quality

Grade A security rating by McAfee, EU-US Privacy-Shield certified, GDPR & CCPA compliant, SDK optimized to reduce battery drain

We have been working with Gimbal since 2018, using their location technology to further engage fans in tour race venues. The ability to trigger messaging based on a user’s distance from a beacon or geofence has increased ROI on merchandise, ticketing, and food and beverage.”
– Melina Canellas, Director, Interactive Applications & Strategy, NASCAR

Transform the In-Stadium Experience

Complete the fan journey from stadium entry down to purchase.