Dining solutions

A complete menu of engagement options

When the order’s up, deliver an experience your diners can only dream of. Infillion’s advanced media and commerce solutions set the table for a soup-to-nuts experience.

Strategies and insights to fill your plate

Diners come to expect experiences that are catered to them. How can restaurants understand a diner’s context, preferences, and real-world movement to better service and build loyalty?

Here’s how

  • Send customers a reminder to redeem their loyalty points while at the checkout counter
  • Geofence your establishments and competitor establishments and send coupon notifications to incentivize customers to stop in
  • Highlight special menu offerings by day part and/or weather to encourage visitation
  • Send personalized messages to Rewards program members to increase engagement and drive loyalty
  • Increase operational efficiencies for drive-thru or curbside pickup via beacons
  • Upsell customers with BOGO offers when leaving sporting event, concert, or other activity
  • Align customer preferences around special events to personalize offerings
  • Promote cross-sell opportunities and increase the likelihood for larger order sizes
  • Tie in “order-ahead” app functionality with location

More apps trust Gimbal for location intelligence than other Location SDK providers

as measured by total apps with the Gimbal SDK by MixRank in 2022

Augment your omnichannel strategy by harnessing the power of always-on location data

Macro & Micro-Location

Only solution provider with built in-house software and hardware technology to measure visitation with precision – from store entrance down to the shelf 

Partner Integrations

Security & Quality

Grade A security rating by McAfee, EU-US Privacy-Shield certified, GDPR & CCPA compliant, SDK optimized to reduce battery drain

What would

mean to your bottom line?

“Omnichannel communications are the foundation of our customer engagement strategy, where we aim to build personalized relationships with our loyal customers by interacting at the moments that matter.”

– Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, VP, Digital and Loyalty, Dunkin’ 

Create a recipe for success

From dine-in to drive-thru, execute a diner’s journey from intial message to purchase to satisfaction survey.