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Put your service to the test by bringing in new and loyal guests, automating check-in, customizing stays, and more through the power of connected commerce.

Elevate experiences

Your laundry list of strategies and insights

Hotel guests come to expect experiences that are catered to them. How can hotels understand their guests’ preferences based on real-world patterns to better service and build loyalty?

Here’s how

  • Identify when VIP’s arrive to better service them
  • Greet guests by name when they enter the lobby
  • Send personalized messages to Rewards program members based on visitation patterns
  • Promote hotel bar / restaurant with special offers, new menu items, and special events
  • Notify guests of shuttle whereabouts when they arrive at the airport
  • Segment audiences for more personalized messaging based on length of stay, time of year, day of week and more
  • Improve onsite operations by understanding if a guest left the property without checking out
  • Send experience surveys to guests’ mobile devices when they leave the property




More apps trust Gimbal for location intelligence than other Location SDK providers

as measured by total apps with the Gimbal SDK by MixRank in 2022

Augment your omnichannel strategy by harnessing the power of always-on location data

Macro & Micro-Location

Only solution provider with built in-house software and hardware technology to measure visitation with precision – from hotel entrance down to the restaurant or pool 

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Grade A security rating by McAfee, EU-US Privacy-Shield certified, GDPR & CCPA compliant, SDK optimized to reduce battery drain

“I could easily see half of our audience segmentation use cases being powered by geolocation.”

– Audience Strategy Director, Major Casino/Hospitality Customer

Transform the hotel experience

From check-in to check-out and at their homes, provide your guests with personalized experiences through the power of location and omnichannel engagements.