What is a Location SDK?

A powerful signal of intent

  • An SDK is a piece of software that runs inside mobile apps and allows for the detection of location signals
  • It is always-on and running in the background of an app (when enabled by the user)
  • SDKs can be used in conjunction with beacons to provide more granular location insights to power a multitude of use cases

How can I apply a Location SDK to support my business needs?


  • Understand your shopper’s context, preferences, and real-world movement to better service and build loyalty.
  • Geofence your stores and competitor stores to deliver personalized offers
  • Use beacons to track aisle/dept traffic and determine length of stay and frequency of visits
  • Create BOPIS efficiencies for customers and staff such as contactless/curbside pickup
  • Track visitation peaks and lulls (day of week, time of day)


  • Send customers a reminder to redeem their loyalty points while at the checkout counter.
  • Geofence your establishments and competitor establishments and send coupon notifications to incentivize customers to stop in.
  • Highlight special menu offerings by day part and/or weather to encourage visitation
  • Send personalized messages to Rewards program members to increase engagement and drive loyalty
  • Increase operational efficiencies for drive-thru or curbside pickup via beacons


  • Identify when VIP’s arrive to better service them
  • Greet guests by name when they enter the lobby
  • Send personalized messages to Rewards program members based on visitation patterns
  • Promote hotel bar / restaurant with special offers, new menu items, and special events
  • Notify guests of shuttle whereabouts when they arrive at the airport


  • Geofence auto dealerships, real estate offices, shopping centers, etc. to push financing offers
  • Understand the customer’s journey inside and outside of your branch
  • Improve customer experience upon arrival at your branch by greeting customers by name
  • Promote sponsored events by sending location-triggered messages when customers are nearby

Sports & Entertainment

  • Drive revenue through in-stadium push messages around special offers (apparel, food/beverages).
  • Enhance customer experience by delivering fans’ in-app orders directly to their seat.
  • Track dwell times at ticket booths, concession stands, bathrooms, etc. to streamline logistics.
  • Extend partner messaging to fans as they walk by in-stadium ads on walls or other signage.

SDK Highlights

Gimbal Location SDK

Quick & Easy Integration with your App
Harness both Active & Passive Signals
Minimal Battery Usage
Secure - Passed financial institution security & enterprise grade stability requirements
Micro location insights when used with Gimbal Beacons

On-the-Way SDK

Simplify the pickup experience

An enhanced version of our Location SDK for brands looking to seamlessly integrate their curbside pickup and drive-thru experiences. New features include Order Mode and Arrival Mode, built to capture real-time order information and track customer whereabouts.

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