Connect with your audience on a deeper, more engaging level

Full pod ownership

Capture and earn attention

Provide users with the choice to opt-in to your long-form ad and own the full ad break with 100% share of voice.

100% viewable and bot free

Get your message seen

Exposure to your brand message is only delivered after a real human chooses to watch your video content.

Premium inventory

Brand safe environment

Your ad is delivered across premium inventory sources typically not available for long form video spots.

Engage with captivating storylines

Build trust, earn loyalty

Deliver a video experience in an environment where users already expect engaging content.

Long-form content provides an opportunity for brands to get creative and garner more attention through intricate stories and messaging.

Whether its through educating or entertaining, the ability for brands to tell more of a narrative can feel more genuine and authentic while increasing brand awareness and returning higher attention rates.

Key verticals

Inspire, educate, entertain


Teasers are great to boost initial curiosity, but can leave more to be desired. Pull audiences from intrigue to movie ticket purchases by showcasing your full trailer


Go beyond the basics and address your audience’s pain points by fostering an emotional connection through product storytelling.


Video games are more cinematic than ever before. Why limit your ad to just 30 seconds? Create a longer visual experience through immersive storytelling that drives excitement.

You have consumers’ attention, now…

Appeal to your audience’s emotional side Build awareness through in-depth educational content Drive valuable and meaningful messaging Deliver a narrative that makes an impact Establish a deep connection with your audience

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Bring your message to life through long-form, attention-grabbing experiences.