Opt-in advertising at its finest

Guaranteed engagement

Unlike traditional video ads, AttnX guarantees interaction and ≥ 30 seconds of exposure.

How? Consumers volunteer their time and attention to an advertiser’s message in return for something of value – like fewer commercials or a level-up in a game.

In response, advertisers are guaranteed at least 30 seconds of full-screen interactivity and attention from their audience before they’re ever charged.

3-day creative turnaround

Fast, effortless & proven

Combine your existing brand assets with top AttnX formats to build innovative and beautiful ads in practically no time. Then customize elements, select your colors, and choose your call-to-action.

Programmatic’s perfect partner

Upgrade your media plan

Already running standard 30-second video? Include the power of engagement in your next media plan to expand your reach and diversify your media mix.

AttnX engages consumers who are ready to interact with their ad experience.

Using tried-and-true creative formats and our proprietary Engagement Exchange network, AttnX delivers a turnkey solution for innovative advertisers like you.

Expand your KPIs

Go beyond standard video spots with interactive ads that deliver against any objective

Priced per engagement

Stop paying for impressions to
run and focus on guaranteed interactivity with your ads

Start small & grow

Low campaign minimums mean you can test this new ad type against the rest of your media mix

Premium inventory

Run across our network of premium video publishers on CTV, desktop, and mobile channels




Reach consumers throughout the United States across multiple states or DMAs

3rd-party verified

Integrate your own external billing and measurement tags for transparency


Unlike most video products, AttnX is billed on a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE)

3-day turnaround

Brandable elements in top Blueprints allow you to launch campaigns inside a week

Campaign reporting

Metrics include Video Plays, Engagement Time, Interactions & more

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Get the attention you deserve

AttnX fits onto media plans of any size. Discover the impact of value exchange advertising today.