Shorten the purchase funnel

From attention to conversion

ShopX is a full-funnel shopping solution that provides both awareness and direct performance within a single engagement experience.

Capture user attention with our time-spent guarantee and extend your message through our broad network designed for reach, exposure, and conversion.

Extensive publisher reach

Drive sales at scale

Remove the burden of multiple direct publisher buys that limit reach and efficiency. ShopX taps into our premium network of publishers to deliver shoppable experiences in brand safe environments to the right audience, at scale.

Shoppable video made for consumer choice

Convenient cart transfers

From product bundles to retailer options, our consumer-friendly format is optimized to drive purchases with add-to-cart functionality through a single click or barcode scan on a mobile device. 

Whether you have one preferred retail partner or multiple preferred retailers, ShopX provides brands and consumers the option to choose resulting in increased brand loyalty and heightened brand equity.

Collapse the funnel

Go beyond awareness and drive purchases via engaging direct-to-cart shoppable environments

Grow ecommerce

Increase online sales for one or more products by reducing touchpoints with a single click

Guarantee engagement

Consumers volunteer their time and attention via our unmatched value exchange model

Expand reach

Run across our expansive network of video publishers on CTV, desktop, and mobile channels


Proven flexible frameworks


Give users a quick click-out opportunity. This experience is designed for efficient CTR and is an ideal format for encouraging conversion

Foundation Carousel

Take users by the hand and tour them through image galleries, product suites, and more – all while encouraging CTR and conversion

Content Collection

Self-guided engagements are ideal for allowing users to personalize their experience. This proxy for a virtual storefront qualifies customers and encourages action

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Deliver shoppable ad experiences

Offer highly-engaged audiences a more simple way to cart your product. Start today.