Rethinking A Classic Metric

New Research: Is CTR Dead?

Is CTR Really Dead? Resource
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Digital advertisers have been relying on click-through rate (CTR) as a metric of success ever since the days of early banner ads. But recently, some marketers have been wondering whether it’s as reliable as it used to be. Adding to years of concerns about click fraud are newfound fears that consumers are so immune to digital advertising – and so completely overloaded with brand messaging – that they’re simply clicking less than they used to.

This exclusive new research from Infillion will educate future-forward marketers on the following:

  • Real consumer insights about whether consumers have stopped clicking, and if so, what they’re doing instead
  • Creative tactics for maximizing messaging and ROI in a digital advertising landscape where clicks are no longer guaranteed
  • A success story from an Infillion client that accelerated its CTR to nearly ten times industry averages

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