The Advertising Essentials for Back-to-School Shopping in 2022


Back-to-school Ebook - Infillion

Back-to-school retail sales are predicted to reach $67 billion dollars, with ecommerce sales growing almost 7% to $28.19 billion.

While the opportunities are huge this time of year for retailers, consumer attention spans are down and competition is fierce, making it harder for brands to connect with their target audience.

What can retailers learn from past back-to-school trends and consumer behavior? We break down the 5 Ws: The Who, What, When, Where and Why:

  • WHO are the key retail influencers?
  • WHAT are consumers shopping for?
  • WHEN are consumers doing their back-to-school shopping?
  • WHERE are they doing their shopping?
  • WHY should retailers adjust their back-to-school advertising strategies?

Download the guide to get insights, behaviors and practical takeaways for retailers to remain top-of-mind during this crucial shopping season.

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