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Meet The Concept Of “Experiential Attention”

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Industry standards for a “viewable” display ad remain at 50% of an ad viewed for one second, and 50% of pixels viewable for a continuous two seconds for an in-stream video ad. Most advertisers would agree that simply isn’t enough for a brand to make an impact – especially since, according to this new Infillion report, they face substantial headwinds. 90% of consumers tell us that they have strategies for avoiding ads. In other words: they’re not paying attention.

How should marketers be thinking about attention – how to capture it, how to keep it, and how to measure it? In Eyes Wide Shut: Traversing The Attention Spectrum, a new report from Infillion, you’ll learn:

  • The latest stats on how much consumers are (or more likely, aren’t) paying attention to the ads they see across digital screens
  • What media buyers think about the current offering of attention-based metrics
  • How the concept of “experiential attention” can help reframe an elusive standard

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