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Turning Location Data into Value-Exchange Experiences


Turning Location Data into Value-Exchange Experiences

It’s not enough for brands to simply meet customer expectations, they need to exceed it by providing convenient, relevant and personalized experiences. Consumers are also blending their digital and real-world experiences, especially when shopping, and they are gravitating towards the brands that provide seamless omnichannel experiences.

How are the leading brands providing that premium experience that consumers demand? First, by using location technology to better understand consumer behavior. Second, by leveraging those insights to provide best-in-class experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.

In this eBook on location technology and marketing, we share tips, strategies and use cases that brands can use to create outstanding customer experiences while making the most out of the different location permissions.


  • Easy to understand explanations of location technology and permissions
  • Real world examples of how brands utilize location data and permissions to inspire loyalty and engagement
  • Tips on how to encourage app users to opt-in to location data sharing

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