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Marrying LED Display with Beacons: Understanding the Customer

Marrying LED Display with Beacons: Understanding the Customer Retailers and other consumer-facing businesses are just starting to get their heads around utilizing beacon technology and other location-sensing technologies to reach their customers at a particular time and place. But up to this point, leveraging beacon technology has been a one-way conversation, where companies sent out […]

Eddystone and Gimbal

Gimbal Supports Eddystone-EID from Google

Gimbal Supports Eddystone-EID (Ephemeral Identifiers) from Google Google announced today the release of Eddystone ephemeral /EID frames, which is designed for scenarios where beacon deployers want to manage access to the beacon signal, including privacy- and security-sensitive applications. We are pleased to announce that Gimbal has been classified with full support for Eddystone, including this […]

Why Location Intelligence Will Revolutionize Retail

The proliferation of mobile devices has had a transformational effect on the shopping experience. It has forced retailers to shift their marketing efforts and focus to the fastest growing, most personalized channel — a shopper’s phone. Imagine the following example, you walk by a retail store whose website you happened to be browsing last week. […]