Gimbal Supports Eddystone-EID (Ephemeral Identifiers) from Google

Google announced today the release of Eddystone ephemeral /EID frames, which is designed for scenarios where beacon deployers want to manage access to the beacon signal, including privacy- and security-sensitive applications. We are pleased to announce that Gimbal has been classified with full support for Eddystone, including this latest release of Eddystone-EID.

As a leading solution for mobile engagement and location intelligence, Gimbal has always put privacy and security at the forefront of our solution.  We have been firm believers that beacon owners should have “digital ownership” of their beacons to control which applications are able to access their beacons.

We view Google’s continued investment in the beacon space as a further testament to the industrywide adoption of beacon technology and view it as one that will help accelerate growth across multiple industries looking to evolve their mobile offering to keep pace with ramping IoT expectations.

All Gimbal Proximity Beacons will be able to be configured to operate with Eddystone UID, TLM and URL packets today and EID frame type moving forward.

For more information on Google’s announcement, visit their blog post at: