Marrying LED Display with Beacons: Understanding the Customer

Marrying LED Display with Beacons: Understanding the Customer Retailers and other consumer-facing businesses are just starting to get their heads around utilizing beacon technology and other location-sensing technologies to reach their customers at a particular time and place. But up to this point, leveraging beacon technology has been a one-way conversation, where companies sent out […]

NFC vs. BLE – Which is Right for You?

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE); both are two of the leading technologies powering modern services in our smartphones, yet they are designed with very different user experiences in mind. If you are in the process of recreating your mobile app experience, consider how the technologies differ from one another and which […]

Gimbal Announces Proximity Data Platform for Mobile App Publishers

Mobile Location Data SSP enables new audience insights and revenue streams for Perfect365, Scanlife, SnipSnap and others SAN DIEGO, CA ­- July 13 2016 – Gimbal, Inc., the leading enterprise-grade mobile engagement and location intelligence company, announced the public beta of its new Proximity Data Platform (PDP). Mobile app publishers that have incorporated Gimbal’s SDK can now […]

Cannes Lions Powered by Gimbal Beacons for 3rd Year

Cannes Lions Powered by Gimbal Beacons for 3rd Year. Welcome to the Connected-Event Experience Gimbal has been behind the scenes at Cannes Lions Festival for the past 2 years, and 2016 is no different. With the ever increasing use of beacons for events and festivals, Gimbal has been helping lead event tech innovation with various […]

Geofencing: Understand the Big Picture

Geofencing: Understand the Big Picture Focus on the Forest Before the Trees Location-based marketing has garnered significant attention in recent years and there are many technologies that have grabbed headlines: RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, the list goes on and on. While each of these technologies can be extremely valuable depending on the use cases you […]

Maximizing Mobile with Beacons, NoSQL and Analytics

Maximizing Mobile with Beacons, NoSQL and Analytics Talk to any modern marketer, Omni-channel marketing is their business’ holy grail, and something they are trying to implement at neck-breaking speed.  One of the biggest challenges they face is connecting online and offline behaviors and insights to enable more real-time engagement with their consumers.  One solution that […]

Using Gimbal to Maximize Enterprise Locations

We are at an inflection point in our industry- ripe for explosion and the path towards ubiquity. In the not too distant future, location solutions will be as common for enterprises as having a web domain and email marketing program. While location technologies (e.g., beacons and geofences) were initially in their hype-phase, leading enterprises took […]

Beacon Security – Why It Matters

We recently announced support for Eddystone-EID (Ephemeral ID), which provides beacon owners with a secure option for transmitting beacon signals and provides control for which applications are able to access their beacons. Google’s release of Eddystone-EID underpins the need for secure options when deploying beacons in high value locations. Similarly, Gimbal has seen security as a […]