Cannes Lions Powered by Gimbal Beacons for 3rd Year.

Welcome to the Connected-Event Experience

Gimbal has been behind the scenes at Cannes Lions Festival for the past 2 years, and 2016 is no different. With the ever increasing use of beacons for events and festivals, Gimbal has been helping lead event tech innovation with various app partners and solution providers.

Beyond the ability to message relevant content to users and help facilitate networking opportunities, Event operators now have previously unavailable insight on attendees by way of frequently visited locations, path trends and frequencies, as well as popular times for specific areas. All of this information greatly helps understand attendee behavior and optimize logistics and plans for subsequent events.

Combining Leading Solutions

This year at Cannes Lions Festival, Eventbase, the leader in event and festival app development, again has created a must have application for festival attendees. By using Gimbal beacons, they will be sending notifications with relevant and timely information about what’s going on around them through the official Cannes Lions app available on iOS and Android devices. The application uses a combination of Gimbal location data and Urban Airship for rich push and media, gaining those ever so valuable insights on attendee interactions with the festival.


Shazam being leveraged at Cannes Lions

Shazam this year is also jumping into the mix with the Sound of Cannes campaign, which will Shazam enable various locations through a combination of Sounds, Visuals and Beacons. This campaign will be making use of beacons in the Palais, the Carlton Terrace and the OMD Oasis.

Attendees will get a different experience depending on which location they’re “Shazaming”. Users will be able to see which tunes are trending, enter in sweepstakes for great prizes and find out how to get in touch to deliver similar experiences. See more about the Shazam Cannes experience at Cannes Lions 2016: A Coming Out Party for Shazam for Brands. With such and expansive mobile user base the opportunity to deliver content to a global user base has never been easier.

So if you’re at Cannes Lions Festival this week, keep an eye and your phone out for some great mobile experiences.

Cannes Lions Shazam

A Solution Built for Flexibility

Gimbal’s uniquely engineered beacon solutions enables multiple mobile apps, in this case the Cannes Lions festival app and the Shazam application, to interact with the same beacon or network of beacons serving a separate purpose to both. This doesn’t mean that the space is open for any app to access and activate. Instead, through Gimbal’s digital ownership capabilities, the event provider or beacon owner can manage which applications of interest are granted access making the “airspace” far more valuable for effective brands and agencies hoping to make the most of the technology and create a unique and valuable festival experience.

Gimbal Proximity Beacons

Gimbal Proximity Beacons

Attendees can expect more of these types of sponsored engagements at events and festivals moving forward. Where through applications like Shazam with very large monthly active user bases, event organizers can increase available inventory for brands and agencies on users/attendees devices and deliver exceptional digital experiences to keep people coming back.