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Beacons in Hotel Rooms

Kube Systems Bring Gimbal Beacons to Hotel Guestrooms

[JERICHO, NY AND LOS ANGELES, CA — SEPTEMBER 27, 2017] For hotels that are among the 65% planning to invest in location-based technologies in 2018, Kube Systems – the provider of mobile device charging solutions – has partnered with Gimbal to bring location-based marketing to the guestroom via its Kube Essentials multi-device charger. This technology initiative […]

Marrying LED Display with Beacons: Understanding the Customer

Marrying LED Display with Beacons: Understanding the Customer Retailers and other consumer-facing businesses are just starting to get their heads around utilizing beacon technology and other location-sensing technologies to reach their customers at a particular time and place. But up to this point, leveraging beacon technology has been a one-way conversation, where companies sent out […]

NFC vs. BLE – Which is Right for You?

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE); both are two of the leading technologies powering modern services in our smartphones, yet they are designed with very different user experiences in mind. If you are in the process of recreating your mobile app experience, consider how the technologies differ from one another and which […]

Beacon Security – Why It Matters

We recently announced support for Eddystone-EID (Ephemeral ID), which provides beacon owners with a secure option for transmitting beacon signals and provides control for which applications are able to access their beacons. Google’s release of Eddystone-EID underpins the need for secure options when deploying beacons in high value locations. Similarly, Gimbal has seen security as a […]

Eddystone and Gimbal

Gimbal Supports Eddystone-EID from Google

Gimbal Supports Eddystone-EID (Ephemeral Identifiers) from Google Google announced today the release of Eddystone ephemeral /EID frames, which is designed for scenarios where beacon deployers want to manage access to the beacon signal, including privacy- and security-sensitive applications. We are pleased to announce that Gimbal has been classified with full support for Eddystone, including this […]

To BLE or Not BLE: Using Bluetooth Beacons or Geofences

Congratulations you’ve launched your mobile app! But you want to enhance the functionality with location-based trigger messages or other location-specific app features. On today’s mobile platforms, you have two primary options when choosing to enable location features in your application geofencing and Bluetooth beacons. Bluetooth beacons are getting a lot of attention these days but […]