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Introducing the S22 Beacon Featuring Best-in-Class Battery Life

One of the great things about Gimbal beacons is that they’re incredibly low-maintenance. Once you’ve purchased them and placed them about your location (store, arena, OOH asset, etc), there’s little else you have to do. No complicated installation. No confusing configuration. No frequently recurring maintenance. Just deploy them where you want and you’re ready to […]

Let’s Reimagine What Beacons Can Do For OOH Advertising

Beacons and push notifications. Like peanut butter and jelly, the two have gone hand-in-hand since we started marketing on mobile. And as good of a fit the two might make, beacons have always held the promise of something more – however elusively. A beacon is a signal. It transmits data and corresponds with connected devices […]

Announcing Arrival: Dwell-Based Attribution

“What happens after a person sees an ad?” You’ve seen this question before, time and time again. “Where do they go?” “What do they do?” “What do they buy?” Each year, the advertising industry gets closer to answering these questions. But we still aren’t quite there. Current attribution solutions either don’t have the necessary breadth […]

Marketing Cloud Integration Now Available via Gimbal Connector

We no longer live in an exclusively physical world. In just three years time there will be 30 billion connected devices, each leaving digital footprints of our physical existence. Our offline world is now online. For marketers, this means we now have access to troves of consumer data that, if properly integrated, can unlock personalized, omnichannel […]