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How to Tell If Your Ad Tech Partner Is Transparent

It might make sense that when an advertiser pays to place an ad on a site they would want to know on which site their ad is being placed. But hey, this is the new age of advertising, man, not everything has to make sense all the time – like advertisers paying for ads that […]

Driving In-Store Traffic

How to Drive In-Store Traffic from Mobile

We’ve probably all imagined a future where the physical, brick and mortar businesses of our time are a thing of the past. Street-side stores are left abandoned. Cobwebs gather on the shelves. Weeds sprout between the cracks. And then the demolition. All fall before the wrecking ball of progress. In this vision, technology has rendered […]

5 Tips for Building Better Mobile CTAs

Getting someone to do something is hard. Think about it. How often do you do something? Especially when you don’t have to do it. I’m going to assume that it probably isn’t very often (unless you wake up in the morning like this). Because it’s just way easier not to do something than it is […]

What is a Mobile DSP?

Bear with me. It’s another acronym – I know. But this one is important. It is DSP or demand-side platform. Sound scary? Let me walk you through it. All these ad tech acronyms are just like monsters in a haunted house. Remove the mask, and a normal (or at least functional) human being is revealed […]