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Preparing For the Next Phase of Privacy With iOS 15

Built on the changes first announced in Apple’s iOS 14 last year, as well as iOS 14.5 with the roll out of App Tracking Transparency (ATT), Apple’s newest release of iOS 15 provides even more privacy and transparency for app users. From new location permission changes to the removal of email tracking, Apple has made […]

The Evolution of a Mobile Ad

A mobile ad is more than just a creative combination of copy and imagery. It’s a piece of technology. And like a piece of technology, it must be built from the ground up by engineers and designers working in concert. So how is a mobile ad brought to life? Phase I: Inspiration It all starts […]

Mobile Advertising Yield Management: A Definitive Guide

Every digital advertising professional wants their mobile ads to reach their target audience at the right time, all of the time. And of course, they want their mobile ad campaigns to produce the highest possible ROI. Sounds like the things mobile advertising dreams are made of, right? Well, it’s time you awoke to the fact […]

How a Bad Mobile Ad Can Kill Your Advertising Campaign

It’s no secret that working in digital advertising is definitely not for the faint of heart. Creating successful campaigns for your brand or multiple clients takes a significant amount of effort, the gusto to continuously learn about emerging marketing tools and technologies, and long hours at the office. Plus, with near-constant innovation in the mobile advertising […]

Mobile App Attribution: An Introduction

Successful mobile advertising campaigns are made up of many important elements. By now, you’re probably already avoiding some common mobile advertising mistakes, which can definitely be beneficial to your brand. But if you fail to measure out just one critical ingredient correctly, it could cause your campaign to deflate — costing you time and money. Thankfully, […]