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3 Ways Mobile Audience Targeting Bolsters Your Advertising

I promised it would get crazy. In part 1 of this series on mobile audience targeting, we went over the basics of how it works, and how it can bolster your mobile advertising efforts. In this part, we dive a little bit deeper with the three primary ways we target audiences: geographically, demographically, and contextually. […]


NanoLumens Strikes Strategic Partnership With Gimbal

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, November 30, 2015 – The industry-leading manufacturer of LED visualization solutions, NanoLumens (, and the leader in location intelligence and proximity‐based mobile engagement, Gimbal Inc. (, today announced a strategic alliance to create a dynamic new series of digital solutions built on Gimbal’s leading enterprise-class mobile engagement and location intelligence platform. The platform, which […]

A Marketing Renaissance Not Yet Realized

With the rise of ubiquitous mobile devices, anywhere/anytime internet access, and a seemingly never-ending tide of promising new marketing technologies, one could easily conclude we are in a Marketing Renaissance. For several years, industry watchers have predicted the demise of classic advertising as we move to an era of 1:1 marketing, perfectly personalized content and […]

Location-based marketing myths

5 Location-Based Marketing Myths BUSTED!

The busiest selling time of the year is upon us! While the holiday shopping season is under way for consumers, retail marketers received their presents early in the way of beacons and location based marketing to improve their holiday sales. But like the holiday season itself, rife with myths and lore, so is the understanding […]

Why Mobile Video Ads are Going Vertical

I want to talk about mobile video ads for a moment. Specifically, how they’re changing. But first, here’s what we likely already know about mobile video (if you don’t know, consider this a convenient primer): Consumer consumption of mobile video is growing as mobile fast becomes the consumer’s first device. The proliferation of 4G networks […]

How the NHL used Location to Score Big in Customer Engagement

Throughout the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs fans turned to their mobile devices to do everything from follow their team, connect with each other and get the latest updates on their team. The NHL saw the opportunity to engage with fans through mobile and raise awareness amongst passionate fans and connect them to local Dick’s Sporting […]

To BLE or Not BLE: Using Bluetooth Beacons or Geofences

Congratulations you’ve launched your mobile app! But you want to enhance the functionality with location-based trigger messages or other location-specific app features. On today’s mobile platforms, you have two primary options when choosing to enable location features in your application geofencing and Bluetooth beacons. Bluetooth beacons are getting a lot of attention these days but […]