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Fox Auto Case Study Challenge


Even with the rise of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores still make up 90% of retail sales. While brands see the inherent value of engaging with consumers via mobile ads, the challenge is reaching them at a time that is most actionable – and understanding the effectiveness of their ads in driving store traffic.


A major watch retailer was looking to drive traffic to their store locations both nationally and internationally.


Serve animated banners and rich media units to Adults within predetermined geofences around client’s participating store locations in the US, UK, FR, ES, CH.

Use our proprietary location technology to measure real-world attribution, mapping those that saw the client’s ad to actual in-store foot traffic.

Products Used:

Fox Auto Case Study - Solution


  • The campaign generated over 4,400 visits in a span of two weeks
  • There was a 7% lift in store traffic
  • There was an average dwell time of 35 minutes, proving not only were users interacting with the brand, but they were spending a good amount of time in the stores

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