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Fox Auto Case Study Challenge


The road to purchasing a car is a long one for consumers. Automotive brands have to be in front of those audiences across the entire purchase funnel. The other remaining challenge is the ability to track the effectiveness of their advertising efforts based on actual dealership visits.


A luxury auto brand was looking for a full funnel approach, from overall awareness and consideration, to ultimately driving dealership visits. They were also interested in precisely measuring where visitors were spending time at the dealerships (i.e. showroom, sales center, service center).


Serve both mobile and desktop video pre-roll ads to create awareness and engage an audience of in-market auto intenders.

Create and retarget custom audiences based on those that visited the dealerships as well as those seen at competitor dealerships and drive relevancy with localized messaging and creative optimization.

Utilize sequential messaging and dynamic creative tactics based on users’ actions across all their devices.

Use our proprietary location technology to measure real-world attribution, mapping those who saw the ads and engaged to actual dealership visitation.

Deploy Gimbal beacons at dealership showrooms, sales centers, and service centers for granularity and micro-proximity attribution.

Products Used:

Fox Auto Case Study - Solution


  • The campaign drove an average dwell time of 44 minutes across all dealerships, proving the effectiveness of the targeting in driving qualified traffic.
  • The campaign measured over 350 visits with dwell-time filters in place for greater accuracy (weeding out passersby and employees).
  • Average visits per unique user was 1.78 further showcasing our ability to reach a qualified audience.
  • Tuesdays had the highest dealership traffic and the hours between 2-5PM were the busiest.
  • We saw 10 unique device ID’s nearby the beacons, proving that these customers were actually inside the dealership and thus have a higher propensity to convert.
  • Overall, performance was strong across all tactics for both digital (81% VCR) and offline metrics.

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