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Casper Case Study Challenge


For any pop-up store, the ability to advertise to the right audience and also measure the effectiveness is inherently more challenging given the nature of pop-ups; one location, generally in denser areas surrounded by many stores. While geofencing can be effective in measuring store visits, it prompts the question, “Did they go to my store or any one of the stores next to mine?”


Casper was looking to create awareness and drive foot traffic to their new pop-up location.


Serve rich media mobile ads to a geo-defined target audience.

Deploy Gimbal beacon at pop-up location and utilize geofencing capabilities for increased reach and scale.

Use our proprietary location technology to measure real-world attribution, mapping those that saw the mobile ad campaign to actual store foot traffic.


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Casper Case Study Solutions


  • The campaign averaged a cost per visit of only $7.53.
  • There was a 15.7% lift in store traffic as a result of the mobile ad campaign.
  • Gimbal’s location technology was able to measure an average dwell time of 47 minutes, proving that the campaign reached an engaged audience.
  • The average cost per incremental visit was $47.81, which is extremely low when considering the cost of a mattress.

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