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4 Emerging Mobile App Technology Trends

10 Use Cases for Location Technology

Test, measure, and optimize your marketing strategy with location data Did you know that a whopping 75% of retailers within the United States have already implemented location technology into their marketing strategies? The result, according to a recent Proximity Directory report, has been an average 9% increase in profits and an astounding 175% ROI. How […]

Marrying LED Display with Beacons: Understanding the Customer

Marrying LED Display with Beacons: Understanding the Customer Retailers and other consumer-facing businesses are just starting to get their heads around utilizing beacon technology and other location-sensing technologies to reach their customers at a particular time and place. But up to this point, leveraging beacon technology has been a one-way conversation, where companies sent out […]

Beacons: Which One is Right for You

Beacons have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. Since Apple announced its iBeacon specification, a new industry has exploded and many marquee retailers, entertainment venues, out-of-home networks and more have integrated the technology to enhance their abilities to understand and engage mobile users at particular places. However, like with any new industry and […]

Eddystone and Gimbal

Gimbal Supports Eddystone-EID from Google

Gimbal Supports Eddystone-EID (Ephemeral Identifiers) from Google Google announced today the release of Eddystone ephemeral /EID frames, which is designed for scenarios where beacon deployers want to manage access to the beacon signal, including privacy- and security-sensitive applications. We are pleased to announce that Gimbal has been classified with full support for Eddystone, including this […]

Making Location-Awareness Actionable

Location awareness is only as valuable as it is actionable. In this post, I’ll highlight three different ways app publishers can utilize location to improve their user experience in the physical world: Location-based push notifications Utilizing complementary sources of data to drive engagement & ROI Dynamic personalization of content Location-Based Push Notifications Push notifications and […]

Setting Your Program Up For Success

Before implementing a mobile location/proximity program, like for any other technical project or program, it is critical to establish measurable goals as early as possible up front. Not doing so can put the entire program at risk. How will you (or your management team) know if the program you’ve implemented is successful?  All of the hard […]

Why Location Intelligence Will Revolutionize Retail

The proliferation of mobile devices has had a transformational effect on the shopping experience. It has forced retailers to shift their marketing efforts and focus to the fastest growing, most personalized channel — a shopper’s phone. Imagine the following example, you walk by a retail store whose website you happened to be browsing last week. […]