During the months of the pandemic, many brands shifted from awareness/branding campaigns to a focus on direct response, or performance-based. For Gimbal, these types of campaigns yielded results that far surpassed our client’s goals across a variety of industries – and continue to do so.

Let’s Dive In…



A major campground advertiser was looking to promote various sites across the country where restrictions had been lifted to encourage people to book. With a mix of demographic targeting, i.e. families with children, geo-targeting, and behavioral targeting, Gimbal was able to effectively outperform the advertiser’s ROAS goal by 58%.

58% Increase ROAS Travel Booking
220% Increase ROAS Hotel Booking


While camping was clearly a popular destination with people eager to get outside and vacation at places where they could safely distance themselves, hotels were a different story during the summer months. However, Gimbal ran an ad campaign with a particular hotel property during September and October and was able to deliver a $16 ROAS a 220% improvement over the advertiser’s KPI goal. We were able to do this by utilizing our proprietary location data to understand frequent hotel visitors and vacationers as well as layering in additional demographic and behavioral targeting tactics. 


Streaming Service

With a shift towards online entertainment, consumption of OTT/CTV streaming services skyrocketed during the pandemic. In the beginning of Q2, Gimbal ran an ad campaign for a streaming service and effectively reduced the cost-per-signup by 11%.

Targeting tactics included:

  • Competitor Conquesting – Those with competing pay TV services
  • Cord-Cutters – Audiences with internet only packages, younger age demographic
  • Subscription Service App Users
  • Cost-Conscious – Deal seekers, frequent coupon users
    • + Utilize Gimbal’s location data to target audiences that frequent discount stores

The appeal for streaming didn’t stop at the beginning of the pandemic, however. We continued to drive success for the advertiser by consistently optimizing towards the best performing audiences. As a result, we were able to reduce the cost-per-signup by 50% over the months of September and October –  a huge cost savings for the advertiser!


Gimbal ran a campaign for a University in the first half of the year with the goal to drive visit signups and application completes. Serving standard banner units as well as video ads to those who live in particular cities and in search of attending universities locally, we were able to drive 383 visit signups and 129 application completes.

With shifting KPI’s as a result of COVID, we continued to run the campaign and reduced the cost-per-application by 49%!  

Highlight for success? Leveraging Gimbal’s location technology to create geofences around campus’ for lookalike targeting to expand reach and optimize accordingly to drive great performance.

Finance / Insurance

Life Insurance

A life insurance advertiser was looking to reach financial advisors and increase website engagements. Using cross-device targeting and frequency capping, Gimbal reached a qualified and engaged audience resulting in an engagement rate 62% higher than that of the advertiser’s goal. 

Auto Insurance

Policy signups were the main KPI for an auto insurance advertiser with a CPA goal of $120 or less. Using a mix of geo-targeting, audience targeting, and retargeting users that filled out quote forms in the past, we were able to reduce the cost-per-signup by 23%.

Financial Loans

The advertiser’s main KPI was to drive loan application completes at a CPA of $50. With specific targeting parameters in place, Gimbal was able to reach the right audience across all screens, effectively reducing the cost by 36%.