While many automotive brands choose to leverage mobile advertising as a valuable medium in driving lot visitations, the challenge comes in both reaching the right audience and being able to prove real-world visitation in order to track the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising efforts.


Fox Dealer wanted to increase foot traffic to regional car dealerships and was looking for a true attribution model to determine the effectiveness of mobile ads in driving auto lot visitations.


Serve static mobile banner ads highlighting promotions and offers to target audience.

Geo-conquest competitor dealerships and utilize retargeting tactics by serving ads to those that were seen at a competitor’s lot.

Use our proprietary location technology to measure real-world attribution, mapping those that saw the auto dealership’s ad to actual lot visitation.

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  • The campaign drove an average dwell time of 69 minutes across all dealerships, proving the accuracy of the targeting and the effectiveness that the mobile ads had in driving qualified traffic to dealer lots.
  • The Average Cost-Per-Visit was $37.07, which is extremely low given the price point of purchasing a new vehicle.
  • The campaign drove 526 walk-ins.
  • We saw a 3.1% lift in dealership visits.

“Tier 3 dealerships tend to rely heavily on precision targeting and conquesting, and location-based advertising has proven to be an effective approach in reaching the right audience. Additionally, the ability to measure actual lot visitations based on dwell time is an innovative solution and helps validate advertising spend.”

Jeff Chan

CTO, Fox Dealer