INFOGRAPHIC: A Look at How Much Time We Saved Consumers in 2022

by | Jan 13, 2023

Opt-in advertising models have a lot of benefits, and one of the biggest ones is the ability to get better ROI from fewer ads. Infillion’s TrueX ads go one step further and use interactive features that are proven to get a user’s attention, meaning that we know a consumer is fully engaged and interacting. Ultimately, the majority of users choose to engage with one of our interactive ads – which have a minimum time spend of 30 seconds – rather than spend more time viewing traditional commercials.

That saves consumers time. But how much time, exactly? Infillion’s research team calculated that over the course of 2022, our ad model saved consumers 2.1 million hours in which they would’ve been watching ads.

How’d we make this calculation? Jamie Auslander, Infillion’s SVP of Research and Analytics, explains. “We looked at the number of pods that consumers opted into from our choice cards,” he says. “Then we looked at the average time spent in a regular video pod, which is what our users are able to opt out of, and the average time spent in a TrueX interactive ad. Crunching those numbers, we came to 2.1 million hours.”

Check out our infographic – and we’re looking forward to saving consumers even more time in 2023.

2.1 million hours inforgraphic

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