Maximizing Attention in the Age of “Constant Consideration”

by | Nov 6, 2023

The traditional purchase funnel has long been a staple in understanding consumer behavior. This framework has historically illustrated the journey consumers undertake, starting from the “Awareness” phase and concluding at “Purchase” or “Loyalty.” Yet, new findings from Infillion’s Customer Journey Research Report challenge this conventional model.


The Widening Consideration Phase.

Traditionally, the “Awareness” stage was viewed as the widest part of the funnel, indicative of consumers at the threshold of discovering new products or services. Yet, our recent data paints a different picture, revealing an astounding 45% of respondents actively considering diverse brands and products, in contrast to the mere 6% still in the awareness phase. In other words, there are plenty of brands that consumers are aware of but haven’t yet decided are worth buying. In some cases, they might have been aware of a brand for years or even decades, but haven’t had the catalyst in their lives that suggests they should become a customer. Cynics call this the “brand dead zone.” We call it “constant consideration” – and we see it as an opportunity for innovative advertising.

In our current digital era, the barrage of information is unyielding. Be it subtle banner ads or persuasive influencer endorsements, consumers are perpetually cataloging. And this cataloging doesn’t always translate into an immediate purchase. 


Embracing the Era of Constant Consideration.

The 2023 study of 779 adults, all of whom had engaged with a new brand in the past six months, offers profound insights into modern shopping behaviors. The findings underscore that shopping has morphed into a consistent aspect of daily life, rather than a sporadic or intentional act. A striking two-thirds of these consumers admitted to ordering products on a weekly basis. More revealing, 95% of those who had just completed a purchase were already contemplating their next buy. In other words: Shopping is now an always-on behavior.

Such data confirms that we’re truly in the age of constant consideration. With a treasure trove of information at their fingertips, consumers aren’t just passive participants; they’re in a continuous cycle of evaluation, purchase, and re-evaluation.

Strategies for Maximizing Attention.

To navigate this evolving landscape and ensure they’re taking full advantage of consumer attention, advertisers can adopt the following strategies:

  1. Consistent Brand Messaging: In a world where consumers are perpetually deliberating, consistency in branding becomes paramount. If consumers have been following your messaging passively and it suddenly takes a very different turn, they may not yet be engaged enough to follow along. You’ll lose their attention quickly.
  2. Engage Beyond the Sale: A pause in the purchase process is not a sign of disinterest. Infuse value through enriching content, immersive experiences, or loyalty programs to remain within the consumer’s sphere of consideration. Offering game-based ads, for example – we all love getting competitive, after all – can help you hold consumers’ attention and remain top-of-mind even if they aren’t yet ready to purchase.
  3. Understand Consumer Triggers: Every consumer has a catalyst – be it a discount, a seasonal demand, or a peer’s endorsement. Harnessing these insights can be pivotal. Infillion’s first-party targeting uses geolocation, AI-powered surveys, and more to gain unique insights about consumers, allowing brands to target consumers known to be more discount-friendly or who may be more receptive to messaging while at home versus the office.
  4. Leverage Retargeting: In the digital domain, retargeting isn’t just a strategy; it’s a gentle nudge, a reminder of interest, steering the consumer closer to purchase. Retargeting can help your brand remain top-of-mind with consumers even if they were at a point of “not quite ready to buy” when they initially engaged with your creative.
  5. Use Opt-in Advertising: Advertisers are competing for human time and attention. Infillion’s TrueX engagement ads optimize consumer experience by reducing the number of ads a consumer sees in exchange for their undivided attention. Guaranteed.

The consumer journey is no longer a linear progression from awareness to purchase. In an era of information abundance, consumers are continuously assessing multiple brands and products. To succeed in this new paradigm, businesses must recognize this shift and adapt their strategies to remain pertinent during the extended consideration phase.


Infillion is built for the age of “constant consideration.” If you’re curious about how our product suite can help your brand, reach out and we’ll be in touch!

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