Enhanced measurement technology brings businesses new and improved location data touchpoints in a privacy-forward manner.


Infillion, an advanced media buying platform, today announced the expansion of its Arrival in-store attribution technology, called Arrival 3.0.

Measuring real-time consumer footfall and store traffic, Arrival 3.0 is highly predictive of advertising effectiveness, tracking footfall tied to advertising campaigns with upwards of 80% increase in average visits per location. With its opt-in location technology, Arrival 3.0 prioritizes user privacy, consumer experience, and trust while still delivering scalable, accurate foot traffic data.

As with prior versions of Arrival technology, the product is media-agnostic. It can be added to an Infillion-managed campaign — across any cross-device combination of desktop, mobile, CTV, and OOH — or with media run on a client’s platform of choice. InfillionX, the all-in-one Infillion media buying solution, includes Arrival 3.0 as part of any campaign’s measurement solution.

“Infillion is committed to being best-in-class when it comes to accuracy, relevance, and most importantly privacy-forward guarantees, especially as the norms around location data change,” said Christa Carone, President, Infillion Media. “Continuously enhancing our Arrival attribution tool — future-proofed for cookie deprecation and privacy compliance — delivers a greater return on investment for marketers seeking validation of footfall and store visits.”

Arrival is currently used by hundreds of advertisers, particularly those with hyperlocal businesses, as well as brands interested in measuring store traffic as a key performance metric. Arrival 3.0 delivers:

  • 160% increase in attributable devices
  • 48% increase in new place visits
  • 80% more visits per place on average

“We’ve consistently heard from our clients that measuring footfall traffic at scale, with accuracy, is a must-have when setting marketing budgets,” said Marcos Escalante, Chief Product Officer, Infillion. “We’re confident Arrival 3.0 provides a reliable source of attribution to inform marketing strategies and enhance a brand’s consumer journey.”

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