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Fox Auto Case Study Challenge


WHOOP is a fast-growing digital fitness company that helps users “unlock their potential” through its advanced performance coaching technology. But with New Year’s resolution season in full swing and media saturated with offers related to fitness and wellness, WHOOP needed to stand out from the pack by amplifying its unique ability to change lifestyle habits for the long term.


WHOOP’s array of features is seriously impressive, from analyzing all four stages of sleep to tracking 100+ daily habits and their impact on recovery and performance. The company needed to convey this functionality in an ad to users who might not be familiar with the product, without overwhelming them or distracting them from the campaign’s call-to-action: a one-month free trial.


Infillion worked with WHOOP to turn its creative assets into a TrueX interactive ad campaign, which ran alongside streaming video publishers on desktop and CTV.

While getting introduced to the product from a WHOOP video ad, users could dive into the features that WHOOP’s technology provides via TrueX’s content collection Blueprint unit.

Users were encouraged to explore how WHOOP helps them “Sleep Better” with sleep assessment and recommended bedtimes, “Feel Better” by tracking how different habits affect their sleep and athletic performance, and “Train Better” with its Strain Score that assesses the impact of different activities on their bodies. At all times, a clear call-to-action was visible to encourage users to sign up for a free trial of WHOOP’s membership.

Products Used:

Fox Auto Case Study - Solution


WHOOP is all about optimization, and so was this campaign. Several days after it launched, Infillion’s creative team suggested that the call-to-action for a free trial be made more prominent, placing it on the first frame of the ad and changing its color to WHOOP’s trademark neon green. This implementation was made seamlessly within the Infillion interactive ad container. And it worked: CTR then consistently increased week-over-week, ultimately resulting in an extraordinary 9.1% CTR for the entire campaign — over 9x the industry benchmark.

Infillion’s proprietary brand lift measurement, UpLift, saw impressive results across the board, including:

  • 20% increase in awareness
  • 21% increase in familiarity
  • 31% increase in consideration
  • 24% increase in preference
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