Tracking classroom attendance can be a manual process and takes time from teaching and learning. While instructors have come to rely on technologies to track student attendance, many of these systems are not reliable or enforceable. For example, some systems use geolocation tracking, which uses a phone’s GPS – good for larger areas – but lacks the ability to detect proximity indoors.


Spotter was looking for a way to track student attendance in an automated fashion, while also protecting student privacy.


Implement Gimbal SDK in Spotter App and deploy Gimbal Beacons around school campus “class zones.”

Entry and exit notifications are sent to the Spotter Platform in real-time to track attendance.

Beacons allow for the ability to pinpoint students to specific classrooms, whereas GPS systems cannot differentiate between rooms in a building.

Products Used: 

Use Cases

  • Allow faculty to access student’s attendance activity including tardies, early exits, and absences. 
  • Benefit from higher retention rates and staff productivity. 
  • Ensure accountability and responsibility.
  • Completely private and secure to protect student confidentiality. System is based on beacon technology specifically to prevent tracking when students are not in range of beacon.

“Gimbal’s technology is superior for our use case. It also removes privacy concerns because the students’ location is only being detected during class time when they’re in proximity of a beacon.”

Rick Carter

CEO, Spotter