Company will add MediaMath to its portfolio of premium products and is planning to relaunch the platform in early 2024.


Infillion, an advertising technology and solutions company that owns and markets premium adtech products TrueX, NeXt, and InStadium, along with martech solutions including Gimbal location technology, and, today announced the closing of its acquisition of the assets of adtech pioneer MediaMath.

“MediaMath was a pioneer in programmatic advertising and is still a critical part of the interconnected adtech ecosystem. We believe the strategic value of MediaMath’s global distribution throughout the modern adtech landscape has been underappreciated and was far too important to disappear. Contrary to the prevailing narrative, MediaMath had a strong business with very loyal customers. In 2022, MediaMath had over $500M of Gross Ad Spend, over $100M of Net Revenue and was EBITDA positive. The company filed for bankruptcy not because of issues with its technology or its core business, but because its debt load eventually became too large to service. Infillion has a strong balance sheet, with differentiated products that, when integrated within the broader MediaMath ecosystem, can drive real value for our customers. The combined company has a very compelling value proposition, and we expect to see significant revenue synergies and growth as we integrate our platforms,” said Rob Emrich, Executive Chairman and Founder of Infillion.

According to comScore, the global programmatic advertising market will top $148 billion in 2023. As the first demand-side platform (DSP) defining programmatic, MediaMath’s history is that of scalable innovation, representing the most advanced marketers, for well over a decade. MediaMath’s founder and former CEO Joe Zawadzki, who is currently a General Partner at AperiamVentures and chairman of FxM, shared, “I, along with the extended AperiamVentures team, portfolio and partners, are delighted to see MediaMath under new ownership, with a commitment to the people, partners, and platform that made it special.”

Today, Infillion offers high-impact products, like TrueX, that drive attention and performance via unique ad formats through its direct integration with premium CTV publishers. “The acquisition of MediaMath’s assets and IP goes beyond the purchase of a DSP. We see it as an opportunity to increase the distribution of our closed-loop location attribution technology and a way to open our advanced media buying platform and products—traditionally offered as a managed service—to new customers. With MediaMath, we will continue to deliver the innovation that our agency and advertiser partners have come to expect from us,” added Emrich.

Infillion encourages former employees, clients, and partners of MediaMath who are interested in future opportunities to reach out to the company directly at

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