TrueTargeting significantly improves the precision of CTV targeting with data from the company’s proprietary location, first-party response, media behavior, and viewership data

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LOS ANGELES, January 18, 2022 – true[X], the pioneer in interactive connected TV advertising, and Gimbal, the leader in location intelligence – now one company –  announced the launch of its advanced targeting capability for CTV. 

true[X] partners with premium publishers and content services like Fox Networks Group, A+E, NBC Universal, and Crunchyroll, and offers consumers unique interactive experiences as an alternative to traditional commercial breaks. The company has been piloting the advanced targeting effort with brands including Macy’s, Lego, and Monster Energy.

Monster’s Vice President of Global Digital Marketing, Kyle Maurer, described the benefit of adding more sophisticated targeting in CTV for the highly competitive beverage category:

“Consumers around the world connect with Monster’s brands in a variety of ways — whether it’s through their love of sports, gaming, music, or just an appreciation of some high-octane flavors. Insightful data through solutions like TrueTargeting optimizes our media spend and helps us ensure consumers receive the messaging from Monster that means the most to them.”

TrueTargeting is a dynamic, added-value feature across all Gimbal | true[X] products and reflects true human behavior since it’s collected from consumer first-party surveys, real-world signals, cross-device interactions, and media/viewership habits. The growing depth of the data includes the following sources that are mapped via the company’s proprietary identity graph:

  • First-party survey data – collected from true[X] opt-in media and rolled up into demographic cohorts  like “auto intenders” or “pet owners.”  This data is collected via CTV devices.
  • First-party location data – sourced from the largest independent first-party location data pool of opt-in mobile users across leading consumer apps. This allows Gimbal | true[X] to continuously scale TrueTargeting and offer the unique ability to match ad exposure against in-store foot traffic for any brand
  • Third-party DMP data – integrated from third party data from Gimbal | true[X] partner DMPs
  • Media interaction data – harvested from Gimbal’s advertising activity across devices and channels including mobile, desktop, and video
  • Viewership data – selected data from publisher partners that provides insight into media behaviors and viewing habits

Gimbal | true[X]’s president, Christa Carone, says the investment in TrueTargeting amplifies the company’s dominance of the CTV space. “TrueTargeting was built for a future where consumers are in full control of the advertising journey and their personal data. We will continue to innovate the media landscape, especially in CTV, through proprietary technology, analytics and insights that prioritize consumer’s time, attention and privacy.”

“TrueTargeting expands brands’ serviceable obtainable market and simultaneously provides unique insight into the human behavior that drives sales. TrueTargeting gets brands closer to the transparency brands are looking for when making their CTV and omnichannel marketing decisions. The CTV marketplace will grow in sophistication as unique data sets, like ours, emerge to meet the demand associated with the digitization and democratization of TV,” said Laurel Rossi, Gimbal | True[X] Chief Marketing Officer.

Read the official announcement here.