Location technology company places privacy controls back into the hands of consumers

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LOS ANGELESJan. 9, 2020 – Gimbal announced today the launch of LocationChoices, a mobile app that gives consumers increased control over their location data. The program was launched to inform and educate consumers about the data they produce and allow them to opt-out of potential use cases they were unaware of.

While increasing government regulations like GDPR and CCPA provide broad consumer protections, the sensitivities of location data require more nuanced controls for consumers to decide if and how that data is used.

LocationChoices – available on both iOS and Android – provides a more flexible framework to opt-out of use cases where data is passed to outside parties, even if those organizations have contractual rights to do so. The app will become the universal blacklist for the industry and ensure location data from consumers who have opted out is not used for any advertising or analytics purposes.

“Location data allows for more relevant and engaging advertising experiences than ever before,” said CEO of Gimbal, Rob Emrich. “While the majority of consumers prefer more personalized ads, they also want more control over their data rights. This is why, in addition to full compliance with government regulation, we’ve decided to go a step further and build a tool that puts more control back into the hands of the consumer.”

The vision for LocationChoices is far bigger than the Gimbal ecosystem. Gimbal plans to work with partners and privacy advocacy groups as well as competitors to set high standards to ensure transparency and control for everyone.

Learn more about this initiative by visiting LocationChoices.org.

Read the official announcement here.

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