Distributing the walled-garden seeds from online to offline

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LOS ANGELES, CA – November 3, 2020 — Gimbal announced today that they will be expanding their location-based managed media services offering across social platforms for agency partners and brands. This opens up a unique opportunity for brands to target Gimbal’s location-based audiences within the walled gardens and measure the impact via in-store footfall. 

The pandemic has led to a surge in media consumption, specifically on social, resulting in an accelerated shift of advertising dollars across social platforms. Facebook and Instagram have one of the highest ad engagement rates among audiences along with the most accurate interest and demographic data in the market. 

Now, using Gimbal’s proprietary Location SDK, the company is able to onboard offline audiences and apply it to Facebook’s ad platform, providing advertisers with a unique targeting and measurement solution not available elsewhere. Not to mention, Gimbal has seen match rates upwards of 85-90%.

“As one of the only deterministic attribution solution providers offering managed media, we’re excited to activate this new social offering to enable greater performance and measurement against our clients’ campaigns,” said Chief Revenue Officer, Don Norton.

Many brands are still trying to figure out the best marketing channels given the constant shifts and uncertain dynamics of the current state, but remaining agile and activating a combination of social, programmatic, and other avenues such as connected TV will continue to be the best approach moving forward.

Read the official announcement here.

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