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GRANVILLE, OHJanuary 27, 2021 – One iota, a leading provider of in-store and mobile apps, and Gimbal, the leader in macro and micro location intelligence, today announced a partnership designed to accelerate “in the moment” mobile engagements where physical environments and digital experiences come together. Combining the companies’ expertise and market-leading solutions allows marketers to send highly relevant mobile messages based on an app users’ specific context such as where they are, where they’ve been, and other behaviors and preferences.

Gimbal’s enterprise-level location platform joins One iota’s app platform to offer a fully integrated solution to some of the world’s largest brands. In addition to custom geofences, Gimbal brings even more precise, real-time location data to brands looking to better understand indoor traffic patterns via Gimbal’s proximity beacons.

Marketers can leverage the valuable location profile data provided by Gimbal – all of which is opt-in and privacy compliant – to automate personalized messaging based on arrival, departure, and dwell time using conditional automation rules. This can be tied to any combination of segmentation attributes such as user preferences, in-app behaviors, and clicks to push action buttons and deep-linked landing pages in the One iota platform. These added contextual capabilities for highly targeted messaging have been proven to boost response rates four to seven times greater than non-targeted messages.

Marketers will be able to build messaging campaigns that take advantage of the latest mobile OS enhancements including interactive AI driven notifications, message center widgets and digital wallets, as well as A/B testing and conversion tracking to measure performance and iteratively improve results with every user click.

“People have their devices on them and in-hand wherever they go, which makes bringing the physical and digital worlds together a great opportunity to drive deeper customer connections,” said Christian Brooks, CEO, One iota. “We’re excited to formalize our relationship and bring together the two companies that have the core technologies necessary to streamline ‘in the moment’ mobile engagement and maximize its opportunity.”

“Gimbal’s expertise in location services combined with One iota’s expertise in mobile apps allows for more than right place, right time messaging,” said Liz Weinsten, VP of Marketing, Gimbal. “By providing a more complete view of the consumer journey, marketers can leverage richer analytics and insights to build on personalization and larger omnichannel initiatives.”  

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