Infillion, a full-service media platform that helps advertisers elevate their media plans with cookieless data, advanced formats, and guaranteed attention, today announced an integration with Experian, the world’s leading global information services company. Through the integration, advertisers buying through Infillion’s MediaMath platform can access Experian’s identity spine to expand reach and addressability without cookies. Experian joins other identity players on the Infillion platform, forming a critical component of the company’s ID-agnostic approach.

Through this integration of Experian’s identity graph, Infillion can further support agencies and brands with their marketing campaigns. Experian’s identity graph includes data on more than 126 million households, 250 million individuals, almost 500 million MAIDs (mobile ad IDs), and 200 million CTV IDs. This robust source of data empowers marketers to connect with their desired audiences and measure their campaign performance accurately.

“Impeccable service and leading technology have been at the heart and core of our offering, and with Experian, we’re embarking on a significant advancement in bolstering our advertising capabilities by integrating its identity graph into the Infillion platform,” said Ben Smith, VP of Product and Data Products at Infillion. “Our integration with Experian’s identity graph will equip Infillion’s customers with the best and most comprehensive identity solutions, enabling them to maintain a clear view of the complex consumer journey and drive campaign engagement, all within a cookieless environment. Through this collaboration, we’re well-positioned to effortlessly synchronize advertiser data.”

The collaboration between Infillion and Experian underscores a commitment to innovation and adaptability in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By harnessing the expertise and resources of both companies, advertisers can confidently navigate the complexities of this new identity ecosystem.

“This collaboration highlights Experian’s role in enhancing identity and reach within the ecosystem. It also reflects our shared dedication to innovation, adaptability, and offering advertisers a solid basis for data-driven advertising,” said Chris Feo, SVP of Sales and Partnerships for Marketing Services at Experian. “By integrating Experian’s comprehensive data capabilities with Infillion’s buying platform, we will have the roadmap to navigate today’s evolving identity landscapes with continued effectiveness and relevance.”

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