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Ad exchanges enable you to find and buy a wealth of inventory across the best publisher sites around. Even more, you can do it all instantaneously. Below is an introduction and list of some of the biggest mobile ad exchanges and a short description of what they do. If you find one you like, let us know.

Pubmatic mobile advertising exchange


“Through workflow automation, real time analytics and yield management, PubMatic enables publishers to make smarter, faster decisions that drive revenue and streamline operations.”
Nexage mobile ad exchange


“Nexage Audience enables media buyers to discover and analyze the premium inventory available on the Nexage Marketplace to improve campaign planning and execution.”
Mopub mobile ad exchange


“MoPub is the world’s leading ad server for mobile application publishers, designed to drive more ad revenue through a single solution.”
OpenX mobile ad exchange


“OpenX’s Ad Exchange is one of the largest programmatic digital advertising exchanges offering the highest-quality, independently-rated inventory.”
AdX mobile ad exchange

DoubleClick AdX

“DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a real-time marketplace that helps ad networks, agency holding companies, and emerging third-party technology providers maximize ROI across millions of sites.”
Smaato mobile advertising exchange


“Smaato is the leading global mobile RTB ad exchange (SMX) helping mobile app developers and publishers increase ad revenues worldwide.”

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